This past week has been Bike Week here in the UK, aiming to shine a light on “everyday cycling for everyone”. In 2019, Bike Week plans to add another 240,000 people to the 2.4 million who already cycle three times or more a week. A number of the Hiplok team already commute by bike and with a big nod to Jack who cycled his track bike a casual 40+ miles into the office on his last day here at Team Hiplok, here are our top tips for commuting by bike.


When you first start riding regularly, one of the most common complaints is being uncomfortable on the bike. The most common causes are simple, poor bike fit, an ill-fitting saddle, or inappropriate clothing.  

Our friend Jess from NLTCBMBC had been having a number of ongoing niggles on the bike, and with a 340km bikepacking trip on the horizon, she thought a look at cleat/foot position, reach and saddle position would be sensible and with a few small tweaks now feels more stable on the bike, and with a slight increase in reach feels more stretched out ready to tackle the trip – not only that, it improved the commute time!

Whilst a performance bike fit might be a bit overboard for the commute, a good local bike shop should be able to give you some pointers as to where your fit might be off and suggest some measures to compensate, but if you did want to go for a full bike fit, Soigneur comes highly recommended by Jess.


Loathe lyrca? Whilst cycling-appropriate clothing can make a big difference to your ride, it doesn’t have to be UCI-compliant. Altura’s Nightvision urban range combines performance and comfort whilst keeping you safe with reflective detailing. One of the most important items to get nailed for your kit? A dependable waterproof – our pick would be the Altura Nightvision Thunderstorm jacket – with stealth reflective panels blending into the main jacket colour until flashed with light combined with a bike-centric fit and Altura’s SHIELD waterproof technology it’s perfect for the commute.


Whilst reflective technology can help you be seen, it’s a lot easier to be seen if you’re emitting light, and with up to 80% of accidents happening during the day, we’re big fans of brands such as Niterider’s adoption of daytime running lights. Niterider’s Daylight Visible Flash, or DVF system keeps you safe whatever hour you’re riding.


If you’re riding to work, your bike needs to be there at the end of the day. Our most important tip to help your commute is to use a solid, dependable and sold secure lock combined with good locking etiquette help you be safe in the knowledge your bike will be waiting for you when it’s time to ride home. We might be biased but we think our wearable chain locks are the perfect option for most commutes offering dependable security, practical locking options and easily-carried using our patented wearable design.

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