Multi-Use Steel Core Security Tie

Unique Cinch Locking Mechanism

Award-Winning Design

400MM Locking Length

Weight: 20g


Winner of the Design and Innovation Award 2018, Z LOK is the world’s first secured, reusable zip tie. Offering ultra-convenient protection against opportunist thefts for short pit stops, on car racks, for accessories or with any outdoor equipment.


Once you have a Z LOK, you’ll be amazed at the multiple uses you find for it. Not just useful for outdoor security and sports equipment, Z LOK is also ideal for home security and DIY applications, offering flexible, adjustable security for a multitude of practical uses.


Offering a robust deterrent within a lightweight & compact package, Z LOK is the perfect combination of weight and security. Inside the toughened nylon outer is a stainless steel band offering flexible, adjustable protection for whenever you need it.

The Perfect companion

The ideal companion, Z LOK is small enough for a pocket, but offers dependable security for that mid-ride coffee stop.  At only 20g it’s just the thing to keep in a jersey pocket ready to give you piece of mind whilst you stop to refuel, meaning your ride is never left unsecured.



Z LOK adds extra security to car racks, wheels and accessories. Just loop around the frame or wheels to the car rack to secure your ride against opportunist thefts.  Z LOK can even be ‘daisy-chained’ with others to create as much length as you need to secure one or multiple bikes.

VERSATILITY & Practicality

Fully adjustable to use as much or as little of the 400mm locking diameter as needed, Z LOK cinches and locks to secure your equipment, whether as a back up for a primary lock, short term security, or to keep accessories or other parts safe whilst you’re away.


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