Hiplok DX


Maximum Security D Lock

Sold Secure Gold Rated

CLIP + RIDE Design

Key Replacement Scheme

Weight: 1200g

Designed for RIDING

One of the lightest Sold Secure Gold locks on the market along with rider-centric design means the DX is easy to ride with. Unique design touches such as the integrated clips, widened shackle diameter and rubberised frame protection maximise practicality and portability.

Ultimate Protection


The ultimate D lock built to the strongest standard and featuring our CLIP + RIDE system to allow you to easily clip your DX to belts, waistbands, bags or pockets. The DX offers a unique combination of practicality and security, backed up by a Gold Sold Secure rating.


A 14mm hardened steel shackle, mated with dual-locking, anti-twist tabs can withstand the toughest attacks. Designed with a wide 85mm shackle area to suit most street furniture, but limit what methods and tools can be used by a potential attacker.


No bracket required! The patented CLIP + RIDE system means the DX is the perfect partner for your ride. Maximum security in a compact, lightweight combination enables the DX to be comfortably clipped onto onto your belt, waistband, pocket or bag with the DX’s integrated clips.


Designed with security in mind, the DX features a near-impregnable locking cylinder, along with dual locking tabs and anti-rotation technology. With 3 keys on purchase, these are also coded and replaceable should you lose them – using our key registry scheme.


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