A number of Hiplok locks carry (HOMIE, GOLD, DXC, DX) the top level Sold Secure GOLD rating. But what does that mean? We take a closer look at the Sold Secure awards that define bicycle security.

Walk in to the lock section of any bike shop and you’ll be bombarded with different manufacturers rating systems and terms for defining the “toughness” (or not) of each lock. This can be confusing for any consumer.

Luckily in the UK, Sold Secure is an independent accreditation body that tests and benchmarks security products. Sold Secure provides professional advice regarding the effectiveness of locks to commercial customers, insurance companies, The Police and of course, the public.

Before launching our chain and D locks, we take them to Sold Secure’s Northamptonshire testing house where they are put through their paces with a series of tests that recreate the environment and resources used by bike thieves in the real world. If a lock has a Sold Secure rating it has provided a good level of resistance against the following:

  • Resistance to picking other manipulation techniques
  • Resistance to drilling
  • Torque Attack
  • Pull Attack
  • Wedge Attack
  • Cutting
  • Leverage Attack
  • Shim Attack
  • Bolt Cropper
  • Freezing

The outcome of the tests also result in a bike locks being awarded Gold, Silver, Bronze (or if not successful, they are “unrated”). This tiered-system is an extremely useful guide for cyclists when choosing a lock, particularly as it is consistent and independent of different brands.

Sold Secure Table

At Hiplok, we’re proud to say that all of our chain and D-locks have been awarded a Sold Secure rating and we offer different locks at the different levels depending on riders’ needs and budgets. Click here to see our full range of bicycle security.

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